Mystery Dinners

An Especial Dinner


10 to 15 people  3 hours  Mysterious House 20 min. of Manresa

Who is targeted activity?

Activity only for adults, without exceptions.

Can the group be less than 10 people or more than 15 people?

We do not accept groups of less than 10 people since then the game would not be the same and the duration would be much less, we could not offer the same experience. The size of the group is limited to 15 people but if it is more, you can tell us, we would see if it is possible to expand the group.

Can you choose the food?

A few days before you will receive a menu proposal and if someone needs to make changes, they must notify us at the time of receiving the email. If you have intolerances or allergies, you should also let us know so we can adapt what is necessary.

You can change the assigned character?

NEVER, once you receive the characters, they can no longer be changed, since the whole group receives them at the same time and no changes can be made.

Can I explain to the rest of the group the character that has touched me?

FORBIDDEN to say anything about the character and the instructions he receives, you totally lose the meaning of the activity and lose the surprise effect, harming all the other participants.

What days are dinners made?

Unlike room escapes, we do not have fixed dates, if you are interested in making a reservation for a Mystery Dinner contact us and we will try to adapt to the chosen date. We can only have one dinner per day, since it is a single room.


The game takes place during dinner and usually lasts between 2.30-3 hours, but when playing in a rural house you also have the option of staying for the night and breakfast, or even spending the whole weekend and thus extend your experience .


Dinners: 45 €/person (includes dinner and game of approximately 3 hours). There is also the option to stay in bed and breakfast, you can request a quote, as the price varies depending on the number of people and rooms you book.

Can I pay the same day?

NO, dinner is always paid in advance, since you have to order the food a few days in advance and we send the instructions by e-mail once the payment is made, otherwise you would be receiving the game by e-mail (rights reserved to Secreto Room Escape) without knowing for sure if you will attend.

If I can't come, what should I do?

If there is any unforeseen event and you cannot attend, you have to notify us as soon as possible, if you can find a substitute, notify Secret Room Escape, and if not, it is possible to replace the player and notify us one week in advance, we can refund the money.